Triple H, Herself

I am a 30+ year old wife and mother, daughter and niece, granddaughter and friend, helper and Christian. I wear a lot of hats, but I do the best that I can with all of them.

I have been married almost three years. We live in a little house while we save up for the big one. Our years together haven't always been easy. We have had a lot of trials: back surgery, foreclosure, and even bankruptcy, but we are making it!

I have a wonderful daughter who is the joy of my life and my biggest pain in the butt. She is a compassionate girl with a big heart and a big mouth, but she is also a moody teen in puberty.

My step-daughter is more than a handful and I would never let go. She is as adorable as she is sweet (sometimes). Recently, following all the trials that I listed above, we have become closer than ever.

We have a precocious little boy who just turned one. He is moody and cranky. He is smart as a whip and into everything.

We have one dog and four cats in our family, too.

I love to scrapbook, cross stitch, shop, & take pictures of everyone and everything. My husband lovingly refers to me as his "shutterbug."

I love to journal and thus, I love to blog, as well. You will find posts on parenting, step-parenting,  depression, weight loss, marriage, relationships, etc. etc. etc.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog- it is such a treat to hear that someone enjoyed a post. I will follow your blog- it looks to be full of goodness. Off to explore it a bit now!