PR Friendly

Working Mom, Issues and All is PR Friendly which means that we are open to product reviews & giveaways. I would love learning about new products and sharing them with my readers. 

Reviews & Giveaways: If your brand is relevant to my life and my readers we would love to hear about it, or even a chance to win one of their own, we are happy to consider it. To review a product, we must receive a full-size, non returnable sample of the product. Within 2-4 weeks of receiving your product we will post a review with photos, as applicable. We will send you a link to view the post after it is completed. 

You can share your product with our readers by offering a giveaway of the physical product or a credit for a given amount. To participate in the giveaway, our readers will visit your website to learn about your products and become active in your social media efforts. If you choose to offer a physical product, I will provide you with the winner’s information allowing the product to be shipped directly to them.

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