Sunday, December 25, 2011

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas - The Magic of Christmas

 Wow! Christmas day is finally here and wouldn't you's time for the magic.

First and foremost, Jesus. Jesus got off his thrown at the right hand of God and came to us as a helpless, crying babe. When you really think about it, but the journey to the cross and the story of the cross didn't start with Jesus praying on the mount. It didn't even start with his ministry at 30 years of age. In all reality, it didn't even start with the crying of a babe in a "manger", it started with the start of the world. Can you wrap your mind around that? God, or the God head, three-in-one, created the world and Adam and Eve knowing that Jesus would have to die for us. Wow! Talk about magic. The magic of love!

For a lot of others, the magic of Christmas is Santa Clause and snow and any number of other worldly things, but thanks to a reminder from Sippy Cup Chronicles, I have here to tell you that the magic of Christmas is not in worldly possessions/gifts/toys, it's in family. The magic of Christmas is in those we choose to share our holiday and even our life with. It is the children he has blessed us with, biologically or inherited (I have one of each). It is the family that we were born into (although they themselves may not always be magical or even nice to be around, there is a reason God placed us in their lives). It is also in those that we chose to be a part of our family (such as husbands/wives, in-laws, and even friends that are as dear as family).

So as you enjoy your holiday, I wish you all the magic that this day can provide!


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