Saturday, July 18, 2015

Who am I?

Alright, so who am I?

I am the survivor of a broken home. I am an army brat and a survivor of child abuse. I am  intelligent, inspiring, and independent. I have a strong personality and a southern accent. My outfits definitely aren’t name brand, but I do like to have my bra matches her panties.

I have a real smile, real hair, and a real body, even if it's several pounds overweight. I believe wearing yoga pants out is perfectly acceptable, and typically chap stick and a swab of mascara counts as “done up.” I am mostly a hearty and hard working western girl, but I aspire to be a girly girl. I would love to learn the art of makeup and hair, wearing frilly dresses, and trying to look as pretty as possible.

I love to drink sweet tea, but care nothing for basketball and could take or leave nascar. I enjoy the whole Duke, UNC, NC State rivalry, but don't have any personal feelings about it. I do say "y'all" and I say "bless your heart" (with tongue in cheek).

I know what I believe, and I'm not letting anyone tell me otherwise. I know that no good comes from caring too much about what others think or say; but I still want others to like me or look up to me.

I hold strongly to her beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that I criticize others.

I am not afraid to try something new and I miss spending weekends climbing, driving, and/or camping.

I am friendly and loyal, and I know that deeply connecting with people is more important than just waving in passing.

I am intelligent and takes the time to study and/or research anything that interests me.

I am independent and don't need a man to shovel snow or drive slick mountain roads, but I do need him to want to do those things anyway. I love my kids, but I am not a cooer. I want my children to be healthy, active, and self-reliant. But I also say "bless her heart" and "don't be ugly."

I am the mother to two very beautiful girls with "disabilities" (ADHD and CAPD) and I strive to teach them to deal with their issues and become successful people.

Family is the most important part of my life, and having frequent phone calls/meals/quality time with the people I love is essential. This is a tricky area for me as family has caused the worst pain and heartache, so my quality time is spent with those that I can trust and friends who might as well be family.

And I am not afraid of gender roles. She isn't afraid to admit that men and women are different, excel at different things, and serve different roles biologically and socially. It doesn’t mean they’re not equal, it just means that they both have their value.

In conclusion, I am still very much a Colorado Girl, but I take the good stuff from a Carolina Girl too J

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