Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do You Grumble?

Do you grumble because you don't notice what God is doing in your life? Or are you thankful for what you have? What you are blessed with?

Me. I am a grumbler. I can't help it. And in the worlds view, I have more reasons than most to grumble. Right now in my life, I am fighting foreclosure on my house, my husband and I live in two separate houses, I have a daughter who is (for the most part) good bust struggles with ADHD, a step-daughter who has not yet been diagnosed but (I am sure) is ADHD, I have suffered abuse, neglect, and depression in my life. So, yes, it is hard for me to focus on the good. But, that is part of my journey, my goal.

The Lord has blessed me. He always come through for me, even if it's not in my time. I have a wonderful daughter. I love my step-daughter (most days). I have a good husband who really trys to make me happy (when I can bring myself to talk to him about why I am not). I have a dog that I love and works well for my family. I own my home. And most of all, I am saved. I love Jesus, and God and most importantly, They love me.

So just a thought (no research today): Do you grumble or are you happy? Do you have joy?

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