Saturday, September 3, 2011

Proud New Mom

I am a proud new mom. I know, this post comes kind of late, but I am the proud new mom of a 6 month old Boxer/Pit Bull mix named Rebel.

Three weeks ago, on August 13th, this adorable brindle-colored puppy came running up the road at my car. My hubby and kids were in the car with me. I stopped, pulled over, and got out. This cute little bundle of energy and muscle came right up to me and happily got in the car with my family.

My hubby is not a "dog" person. He is a believer that dogs should live outside, etc. I, on the other hand, put my animals just below my kids in my priorities. So, the hubs is not a dog person, but by the time we got home, less han a half an hour later, Danny had named our little puppy.

(Of course, I posted to Petfinder and Craigslist and looked around to see if anyone had lost a dog, but no one claimed him.)

Immediately, Rebel stole our hearts and even started sleeping with the hubs and I. Of course, the newness wears off a little when he eats the bedside table, with you sleeping next to it.

I am a believer in kenneling an inside dog, especially when they are pups and do the most damage, so now our baby sleeps in the kennel that used to be Guy's. (Guy is our 4 year old Boxer/Mastiff mix.) He has for a little over a week now. Of course he is an escape artist, breaking out of the kennel three times in one night, until we faced the door of the kennel to the wall so he couldn't break it open.

None-the-less, Rebel has stolen our hearts and made himself right at home in a family with two little girls (4 years apart) and now two boy dogs (3.5 years apart).

P.S. I think the age differences are a little funny.

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