Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

Okay, I am confused. Some say live in the moment, others say to plan and make responsible decisions! Argh! I know, I know...I have to make the decisions that are best for me, but what would that be? I don't know. Right now is a time for decisions, or living in the moment, whichever way you/I want to go. What to do?

Do you ever think that life will be better when _____? I know I've spent a lot of my life thinking just that. Life can be so busy and stressful that if we could just _____ everything would be better. And most of the time, for me, that blank if a financial one. But, if I spend more time working in order to make that extra money, then I miss out on events/memories with my family...

We waste so much time wishing things were different and then when they are, we find other things to wish were different. As a single parent, I wished for a partner. As a partner, I wish for more freedom and less accountability to other. As a working mom, I wish for more time with my girls. As a stay at home mom, I wished for more freedom and more money. As things have changed I found that I was still waiting for other things to change.

Why are we never satisfied with what we have and where we are? Why are we always trying to live up to other's standards? For those like me, it's because we are scared of judgment or rejection. Every time I think I have moved a little past this, something happens that reminds me that I believe I am not worth it.

OMG! I just hit on what's been bothering me all week! I knew that something had been bothering me and I thought I sort of knew what it was, but not exactly. Now I know.

I told you what I always worry about or wait for....what about you?

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