Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Big Step!

I went to the doctor today! No more IUD!

She did advise me that it could take a few months for my body to regulate after coming off the IUD. There is a chance that I can become prego right away, but there is a chance that it could take a while too.

I spoke with her about my concerns with ADHD and my thoughts on getting as much Omega3 as I can to help combat any chance. She neither confirmed or denied, but she offered to write me a prescription. She went ahead and prescribed CitraNatal Assure for me. So, my experimentation with the prenatal vitamins may be over, depending on how much it's gonna cost.

She gave me the standard spiel of it taking about a year to get pregnant, etc. etc. etc. I really didn't have many questions and Dr. Mattern congratulated me on being so well prepared and so informed. She said that it is so refreshing to come across someone who knows what she's doing and doesn't think that she is dying of 15 different things because she came across the wrong thing on the internet.

The removal of the IUD was really, really easy! A tug, a slight pang of pain, and it was gone! Now, lets see how long it takes for my system to go back to normal. As it is, I am almost two weeks late.

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  1. I heard it can take 3 months or so after BC to get regulated enough to get pregnant. Here's hoping that's all it takes! :-)