Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wife Evaluation Checklist

I am trying to catch up on my blog reading and I finally read about Time-Warp Wife's Evaluation Checklist. Basically, I am answer these questions and reveal if I am a good wife, or not.

  1. Am I patient with my husband when he and I disagree? I am usually patient in that I stifle my opinion until forced to give it at times. Other than that, um... no.
  2. Am I as kind to my family as I am to the cashier at the supermarket? I believe in politeness, but honestly, I am not that kind to them. Don't they deserve that much and more? Most of the time :-)
  3. Am I jealous of my husband's friends or of the time he spends at work? Or do I trust his judgement in these areas? Oh yeah. I can definitely get jealous, especially when he is in school and I can't get any time with him.
  4. Am I humble enough to back down from an argument, or do I fight to be right? I let some arguments wash over me, but when we fight, I fight to be right....see my post from the other day.
  5. Do I honor my husband when I speak of him to our children? No, we do a lot of joking and recently I clued into the fact that it may have gone too far, now.
  6. Do I protect his honor by speaking well of him to my family and friends? Yes. This is something I have learned and strived for recently.
  7. Do I give up both the things and the time that I want in order to fulfill the needs of my family first? Usually.
  8. Do I share my concerns with him in a polite and loving manner or do I tend to nag and be rude? Yeah, I am rude a lot, but I don succeed in sharing concerns politely more frequently lately, I think.
  9. Do I let go of anger or am I holding on to old baggage? I couldn't fit any more baggage onto the roof of my new van, but most of it doesn't involve him.
  10. Am I usually fighting with my husband or am I fighting for my marriage? Honestly, I am on the fence on that one. Usually when I am fighting with my husband lately, it's not even about him. It's about my own anger and past hurts.
Okay, I think that if I got a grade on this test, I just flunked! But, I am a fallible human and sinner. I believe that the purpose of the checklist is to bring that fact to our attention and to further encourage us to seek direction from the greatest of all marriage counselors, GOD. If you are in the Word everyday, you will find the best place for sincere reflection.

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