Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Journey With What We Thought Was ADHD (Part 5)

You can read Post 4 here.

Following the psychiatry appointment, I got my oldest evaluated by a developmental pediatrician and it was quite possibly the best thing that I could have done. She told me that based on her testing MY DAUGHTER IS NOT ADHD. She is "thinking on a higher level" (more maturely) than her peers. Because of this, she is acutely aware of her differences from her peers and this causes increased anxiety and depression. She asked that I request psychoeducational testing at school, so that we can appreciate just how smart she is. (This testing was performed yesterday and we are awaiting the results.)

In my hours of desperation, I also came across the initial questionnaires from Brenner’s Children’s Hospital and found a phone number. I called them and they gave me some pathetic excuse about not calling for an appointment because they didn’t have a phone number for me. But, I did get her set up for an evaluation for Central Auditory Processing Disorder, which was performed last week and I am awaiting the final report. (I was told that my oldest has a few areas of concern in her CAPD screening, so I am doing a lot of research.)

The diagnoses that I am working with now is:
Attentional Issues due to anxiety/depression
and potentially, CAPD.

But after a three year battle, she is not ADHD.

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