Monday, August 27, 2012

McFatty Monday - Week 30

My Goals 

lose 10 lbs = pedicure
lose 20 lbs  = mani and pedi
lose 30 lbs = TBA
lose 40 lbs  =  TBA
LONG TERM GOAL : lose 94.7 lbs

The Scale

Starting Weight: 234.8 lbs
Current Weight: 233.4 lbs
Weight Loss this Week: 1.4lbs.
Total Lost: -6.4 lbs

NSV : Non Scale Victory

This week I: 
-Stuck to my Slim Fast diet
I also tracked my calories and only went over one day


The Goal: 30 minutes three times a week
The reality: didn't happen, but I have started using the stairs and parking farther away at work


The Goal: 1690 calories a day
The reality: went over one day

My Feelings:

Progress is slow, but I am still trying to keep my spirits up!

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  1. Go you for the stairs--that's a big one! I lost a ton of weight at my last job by doing that!